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This Blog is a space for sharing: you will find recent information, data, statistics, scientific studies, stories of people and sustainable projects.

The first article is written by me because it also contains my mission, my why, where I started from and why, to get to talk to you about my dreams and ambitions, which are basically to create awareness, a mindset around the great and complex issue of sustainability and make it closer and more familiar.

It will be an open space, a landing hub for all those who share the "sustainable feeling", that desire for change of visionaries, of those who have understood that there is no more time and we must get serious: decarbonise, change business, production and consumption models and do it together in an inclusive and collaborative way.

There will be spaces for scientific dissemination, reporting studies and testimonies - all in a transparent way, and I will only be a vector to start this path and certainly not a guide.

How is this spirit born in me?

I have worked for years in the packaging industry, and nothing like packaging, and especially if it is made of plastic, is nowadays demonised to such an extent and pilloried as the main problem. But is this really the case? Not really... The problem is abandoned and unmanaged waste, which cannot be recovered, which certainly generates pollution, but therefore the responsibility does not lie with the materials or the products, but it is still always and only man, with his behaviour, who generates effects and impacts.

It is necessary to avoid Green Washing, to sharpen the weapons to help entrepreneurs choose good products and good practices. Ethics and responsibility are key values of sustainability: there have been and there are entrepreneurs who care not only about turnover, but also about the factory, understood as a community of people, and much more than we think , about the territory. And so I believe we must distinguish and reward those who behave responsibly, thinking of growth through the common good, and those who pollute, destroy, disfigure and ultimately commit a crime.

Thus, starting from the analysis of data and scientific studies, conferences and knowledge, the first considerations on the priorities are the fight against climate change, the ability to replace fossil fuels as soon as possible, to use regenerative models, to support scientific research and technological progress that allow us to reach new discoveries, to overcome current problems, on energy, mobility, services, the city and the needs of a growing population where everyone must have essential rights protected, but also welfare and social and economic growth.

In the end, this great theme of sustainability can only be dealt with if there is knowledge and culture, and this comes through training, which plays a fundamental role for everyone, but especially for those whose job it is to produce and "impact" positively on the environment, or who must manage and administer this change. The formidable moment is the opportunity of the European Green New Deal and the Next Generation EU, and also of our Recovery Plan.

It is important to know, understand, inform and educate. But above all, it is important to act courageously, with a vision for the future - which is a challenge and also a great responsibility. Let's get out of the comfort zone and get involved, with courage, because the policy of small steps may not be enough.

There are problems, it is not an easy path, but many are trying. "A dream seems like a dream until it becomes a purpose, and then it is something infinitely greater". This was said by a great Italian entrepreneur many years ago...

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