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Launched in July 2021, the Fit for 55 programme is not a slogan for a diet to get in shape, but it is certainly a great programme where governments get in shape ... What is it? It is the EU's new climate package with legislative proposals to achieve the Green Deal targets by 2030:

reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% - compared to 1990 and by 2030.

A tough intermediate step towards the goal: zero emissions by 2050!

The package envisages 12 initiatives to amend both existing and new laws and will have to be further "negotiated" by the Council and the European Parliament, since, as is well known, different positions on climate coexist in the EU.

The main points are:

  • energy efficiency with limits for member states of 39%;
  • an increase in renewables (from 32 % to 40 % in 2030)
  • the revision of the Emissions Trading System (ETS)
  • the creation of a CBAM - Carbon Border Adjudication Mechanism, in practice a CO2 tax on imports of products such as cement, iron, steel, aluminium, fertilisers and electricity to limit unfair competition if they are not produced to the same emission standards.

The package also contains important proposals on transport and mobility as well as regulations on the use of land and forests that can help reduce or capture Co2 .

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